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Now that the holidays are over and you’re completely broke…just kidding. But a lot of people are strapped for cash following the holiday season. There’s nothing wrong with that especially if you have a great site like SlickDeals.net curating the best deals from around the web. Slick Deals releasing hot deals on a daily basis in just about every category you can think of: tech, finance, household, tv’s, apparel, cameras, automotive, health and beauty, travel, etc. Best of all, the deals are rated on and reviewed by fellow slickdealer’s. A quick glance over the products comments and you’ll have a pretty good idea if there’s more to the fine print than meets the eye. Be sure to check the site often for “door busters.” Truly slick deals go fast on this site as it has a large following.

If an item reaches the front page, you can be sure it’s a good deal cheaper than price at which you’d normally find the product. If you’re an avid shopper yourself, you can even submit your own slick deals. Overall SlickDeals.net is a passionate community of bargain hunters interested in all kinds of products but most importantly saving money. Check it out!

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HomemadeShowerCleaner.com – DIY Cleaning Solutions

Homemade Shower Cleaner

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather spend your hard earned cash on things like tech toys and real bills than detergent, sponges, mops, brooms, liquid soap, bleach, etc (you get the idea here). That’s not to say you don’t want a clean living space though. This is where HomemadeShowerCleaner.com steps in. They have DIY recipes that show you how to make your own cleaning solutions with cheaper ingredients you probably already have sitting your cabinet. My girlfriend and I used their fiberglass shower cleaning tutorial to clean the shower in our apartment and have saved over $50 the past few months. That’s enough for a new video game! If you find the homemade shower cleaner instructions to difficult (trust me they’re not), they even have a section reviewing the best retail shower cleaners available online. They give thorough, unbiased reviews allowing you to pick the best cleaner relative to your budget. There’s even a review on those new fancy automatic shower cleaners. Does that qualify as a tech toy? When it comes time for spring cleaning, I already have this great site bookmarked and ready to go, and I suggest you do the same.


TumblyWeeds.com – Cannabis Humor Blog

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Times are changing. Several states have passed laws legalizing medical marijuana and some have even legalized recreational marijuana. As a result the sub culture that surrounds cannabis use has roared back into the spotlight. Tumbly Weeds is a new, but prominent figure in the marijuana industry. They focus on pop culture topics that the everyday stoner can relate to. Browsing their site you’ll find pages of stoner memes that you’re encouraged to share to your own social media accounts. They also do reviews on weed related entertainment. You’ll find reviews on stoner comedies, video games, and the best new albums. Also, they give you reviews on up and coming products. You can check out their review on the best weed grinder here. While we don’t condone illegal cannabis use, if you’re in a state that allows or are a medical marijuana patient yourself, be sure to check out Tumbly Weeds for a casual evening read on what’s hot in the marijuana industry.


UglyDucklingHouse.com – Do You Have an Ugly Duckling House?


Do you regard your home as a bit of an “ugly duckling” or perhaps just a full-on eyesore? If so, you need to visit Uglyducklinghouse.com immediately! The website is far from an ugly duckling itself, and the house featured on the site perhaps once was ugly, but looks anything but that today.

The point of this website is to help people with home improvement and interior decoration challenges by showing it done in the home of the blogger herself. The founder, host, and main blogger of the site is Sarah and she professes her love for tearing her house apart and putting it back together. If that sounds like your sort of thing, this site is perfect.
A brainchild that was birthed in the early months of 2010, the Ugly Duckling House blog was destined to chart the path from a home that needs massive work to a home that looks like it belongs in a magazine. If you want to see a transformation, look at what Sarah did with her kitchen. When you find out how much she saved, it could make you want to grab some gloves and a saw!

The fans of Sarah’s site are mostly homeowners, typically women and generally middle-aged. She continuously jokes about her middle-age lifestyle and how she is avoiding grey hairs and trying to stay young at heart. This is definitely not the only audience that would appreciate her content. Men and women of all ages should find plenty of great posts worth reading on the site, so long they come with an interest in home design, decoration or renovation.

As mentioned before, this blog has a very interesting aspect to it, when compared to other home design sites, insofar as it shows the blogger’s home as it undergoes the various renovation projects. This allows you, as the reader, to get a really intimate connection to the process of renovating and remodeling a home in a way that doesn’t seem fake, overproduced or unrealistic. This is the real tale of a real person working on her home and sharing those adventures with her audience.

You definitely don’t have to be a home-maker or a single lady to enjoy the Ugly Duckling House site. It would be a great regular visit for those involved in real estate investing, especially flippers. Getting a house to sell quickly and for the most money is all about curb appeal and there is probably no site that can hold a torch to this one in terms of inspiring ways to make a drab home look great.


LifeHacker.com – Learn Something New

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Life Hacker has been around for what seems like forever. But actually they launched in 2005. I guess 10 years is a lifetime in internet years. Originally centered around tech, Life Hacker has expanded into DIY, finance, fitness, etc. Articles are well written and well read giving the reader not only quality content but a good comment section that usually covers any questions that arise while reading. I used Life Hacker years ago as a guide to building my first hackintosh. It still stands today as my go to site for a really good, informative articles when researching a new purchase or tech tutorial.